Hail and welcome!

The Fellowship of Veritas is a synthesis of modernized aspects of medieval chivalry and various philosophical and spiritual tenets. We are ever in search of those willing to walk the path of mystic chivalry to join our noble Fellowship. Veritas offers many activities including medieval martial instruction and competition, organized rites, feasts and gatherings, and the exchange of friendship and ideas among a community of like-minded individuals.

Ours is a small and selective organization and our crusade is a serious one: to brighten the the lives of our members with chivalry and deepen their spiritual experience, that they may then be examples of chivalry for others. Those few who find a place with us know that they have, at last, found where they belong.

What is "mystic chivalry"?

Mysticism, generally speaking, is the idea that we each, as individuals, seek in our own way to connect directly to the divine source (however one chooses to define it.) We do this as a group by identifying with the medieval code of chivalry as a common language with which we can all share our experiences. We share initiatory rites to allow members to cultivate common experiences, with all members having the opportunity to work their way to knighthood or priesthood. Our major gatherings are held four times a year in conjunction with annual solstices and equinoxes, and include tournaments, courtly ceremony, feasting and rites.

We are a non-denominational organization and are committed to remaining open to all faiths and backgrounds.

The Fellowship of Veritas was founded in October, 2007 and is headquartered in Moses Lake, Washington.

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